The Hipster Reconquista?

Say what you like about those people who you would be forgiven for mistaking as homeless except for the newest iPhone, but this is a really amusing mirror of history.

Basically, the smart bits of Hackney are getting bigger, but sadly a lot of locals are being shifted out. All of a sudden, we’ve got lots of new bars, which is good for progression and moving with the times. But those who were born and bred here simply can’t afford to live here anymore.

It has caused real problems for the youngsters. A lot of them don’t know where they should go now, or where their real communities are. Many of the venues they would have enjoyed in the past have shut down. Instead, we’ve been left with these trendy places that nobody can afford to go to.

Mrs. Pearce apparently lacks a sense of irony. There was a time when it was considered the death of a neighbourhood for ‘sambos’ to move in. They lower property values. And just wait until the tom-toms start!

All the areas that we did have, especially for the ethnic minorities, have gone.

I’m quite convinced that the surviving Cockneys would have a similar thing to say about the East End, although I’m less convinced that their disappearance as a group was entirely disastrous. I would simply suggest that group X has little right to criticise group Y for doing the exactly the same thing, with only roles and results reversed.

But Mrs. Pearce might as well carry on complaining about these ‘loud-mouthed, white-skinned poofs’ taking over her ‘ancestral’ neighbourhoods for all the good it will do her, and for all the ill it might cause London.


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