Poisoned M&Ms

I take it that by now, we’ve all heard of this ridiculous campaign designed to score political points from a tragic series of murders.


Well and truly beaten to the punch, congratulations to the creator of these parody posters pointing out the abject stupidity of this #yesallwomen campaign.


But of course, while it’s easy to see the problems in crowd-sourced propaganda, it’s harder to see the subtle misandry that advertisers thrive on.

There is an advert for secure airport parking currently airing on Australian TV, in which a dumb husband unwittingly has his golf clubs confiscated by his smart wife when apparently going on a business trip. Now reverse the roles. A blustering woman has her property taken away without her knowledge by her cool, calm and collected husband, because he was upset with the idea of her having fun while interstate.

Imagine the outcry. The reality is that feminists love gender stereotypes, but not the traditional ones. They crave the control over men that they can exert thanks to the profoundly beta archetype that they have created. By creating the idea of the bumbling man (the Mere Male column from one women’s magazine is indicative), the womynists simultaneously denigrate masculinity, and elevate themselves above their ‘goal’ of equality.

Power is a zero sum game. If group X is better represented, group Y is definitionally less represented. If you are a part of group Y, you have every reason to worry if your interests losing out.


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