The Power of Words

Words are fascinating. Especially the sound of words. A bad word, say ‘cunt’, sounds terrible. There is nothing wrong with the female genitalia. That means there is nothing wrong with the meaning of the word ‘cunt’. The word itself is ugly.

Now say to yourself ‘capitalism’, and ‘socialism’. Which of the two sounds nicer?

‘Socialism’, naturally. Regardless of the efficacy of either system, regardless of meaning, in a vacuum, you’d choose socialism. It sounds nicer; all of its constituent parts sound cuddly when put together.

So what term can a reactionary, with all of the harsh sounds in the word ‘reactionary’, create for him or herself? Regardless of our violent opposition to International Socialism (Soviet Russia[1]) and National Socialism (Nazi Germany[2]), it sounds nasty and intolerable

Adding ‘neo-‘ as a prefix only makes things worse.

So what is the alternative? How can neoreactionaries rehabilitate the idea that the known past is better than the hypothetical future? I’m sure there is a nice sounding word we can uncover for ourselves. Perhaps uncovering it is the acme of our art.





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