On the Opposition to Political Diversity

I’m sure we’ve all heard some leftist proclaim their love for ‘diversity’ over the years, will all of its myriad of associated, yet bizarrely inscrutable benefits. A question sprang into mind late last night, as they often do, which was simply ‘why diversity in everything but policy and political institutions in the various countries?’

It struck me. When all countries have identical political systems, minority majorities, identical programmes (or at least, when Western countries have these), unification into a single superstate under the hegemony of the left-wing elite becomes not just possible but a pressing inevitability. Much as one sees in Europe, a collapsing Greece (far further along the road to ruin than Germany) has vast resources dumped into the money pit it represents. They salvage it in the short term, but when ‘austerity’ is higher taxes and an increase in spending as a percentage of GDP, there can be no real upturn. Were Germany in collapse too, and the ideas of ‘Greece’ and ‘Germany’ rendered meaningless as a relic from the evil ethnically divided past, a merger can occur without a second thought, with the masses of welfare addicts clamouring simply for their fix. The central planners are the only hope for the junkies, and then, with great aplomb, a new Soviet Union can be formed. Democracy, having done its job, is no longer required.

But it raises a further question: ‘Are the Cathedral’s casual supports really stupid enough to allow this to become a reality?’


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